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    In 2017 we celebrate 80 years and we want to share with you the quality of our magnificent
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Its cellars lodge more than 2,5 million bottles of sparkling wine, large thousands of wine bottles and hundreds of french oak barrels for the famous wine derived spirits.
The São Domingos Pomace spirit, distilled in the company´s own alembics, continues to lead the market with its everlasting quality. Under the aegis of the name "São Domingos" other brands are emerging, such as "Lopo de Freitas", "Elpídio", "Quinta de S. Lourenço"and more recently "Volúpia", a white wine that has been surprising consumers as well as opinion makers.
Constant innovation in production and vinification methods have been permitting to raise the quality and prestige of the wines of the company thus reinforcing the business-related competitiveness of the São Domingos brand.
Oenotourism is another good bet and every year thousands of visitors are dazzled by the beauty of the galleries excavated in the rock, the millions of bottles, and the show room, a museum with a tasting room. We are a close partner in the Rota da Bairrada project.


The Bairrada

The traveler who climb the hill and stop at Cruz Alta, discovers the spring the glory of field where it struck the bloody battle that cooperated to shoot the eagles of the First Empire.
“A Volta da Romaria” de Fausto Sampaio “A Volta da Romaria” de Fausto Sampaio
If after launch seen by the vast horizon that unfolds to the west, includes one of the most beautiful panoramas of Portugal. Turning his back to the past, gives face to face with the future of this country, and finds his feet vast vineyards are sheltered and embrace the great depression of the soil in which they create the shipment of wines. Also on this side seems to be imminent ... but this time is a civilizing fight. Today's enemy is still the enemy of yesterday is the same France that moves us to war. The battlefield is in Brazil and Great Britain markets, to which annually leave the materials in this new war, which gladiam in remote and distant regions. 

We have faith that, over and short of Bussaco, the progress of the voice is heard, the Portuguese name will be victorious.

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