Port Wine


Vinho do Porto
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Vintage Ports come from a single harvest and have exceptional organoleptic characteristics, showing a dark red colour, a great structure and intense fruity aromas and flavours. They are bottled two years after the harvest and in most cases spend many years maturing in the bottle. Through this ageing process Vintage Ports are kept away from the influence of the atmosphere, which makes them loose their colour very slowly and retain their typical fruitness. In order to maintain richness and power they are neither fined nor filtered, therefore throwing a large amount of sediment as they mature. For this reason, they should be decanted before being served.

Once opened, a Vintage bottle should be drunk the same day to keep the exceptional quality untouched.

Vintage Ports are after meal drinks. Take them with cheese like Stilton or Gorgonzola. But you can also incorporate them into a meal, combining for instance a Steak au Poivre with a young Vintage. We produce Vintage Ports from grapes grown in our own Quinta and from grapes proceeding from several other Quintas.

The first are put on the market under the name Quinta do Retiro Novo; the latter are sold under the brand Krohn.

Port Wine
Port Wine
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